Ssr 140 tx

Hi ive got a ssr 140 im looking for a little advice on . it runs almost perfect, except for the fact when its for example idling on the stand and i go to twist full throttle quickly it will bog down if i stay on gas, if i roll into full throttle theres not a thing wrong anywhere through throttle. And i can barley tell theres any problem when im riding it ?Even after tuning it everything is fine & adjusted but still the bog when i crack full throttle. Soaked Cleaned carb. Aftermarket cdi box and coil so its not ignition. Im thinking pilot jet but no clue if i need a richer or leaner jet

It's the jetting in the carb. Play with it and see what is best.

Thanks for input

Change your pilot jet, get the next three sizes up and try each one. I had the same problem on my vm26 (same as most people with my setup) and that is what you need. Pilot jet affects idle-1/4 throttle.

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Thanks wanted to hear what everyone else thought sounds like ill play w the pilot & see wat i come up with

Getting started with a new Carb - TBolt USA Tech Database!


Here is how to get started:

You must start with a known good and properly oiled air filter 

READ the jetting guide

Set the adjustment screws to 1.5 turns out 

(2.5 out on bottom fuel screw 22mm mikuni)

Bolt the carb on 

If it bogs off idle go up on the pilots till it stops and comes clean off the idle 

Do a plug read 

Go up or down mains till its close to Tan / light brown 

Fine tune with the Needle 

Fine tune with the air - idle - fuel screws 

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