Slack in Clutch cable with EXP Reluse

I have very little play - maybe 3/8 to 1/2 inch....with adjusters all the way in.

Brand new cable (Motion Pro).

ReKluse is New btw.

Is this correct?

Thanks in Advance - JDR

Edited by sir speedy

If I remember right when setting mine up - there should be 0 play in the cable - as a matter of fact you have to adjust the cable pretty far past tight to get the clutch to the right 'preload'.    You use a rubber band to pull on the clutch lever while revving the bike - when the clutch engages THEN you get some freeplay at the lever and can see the lever move - but it should only move a little.

Hope this helps - just running off of memory without the instructions in front of me.   I know I was surprised how far past being tight the cable had to be adjusted to be right.

Is this the Core EXP or EXP 2.0....think it's the same for both? anyhow...


I have the Core EXP and with that you want a little bit of cable play at the perch, I think it's slightly less than the normal amount if you had a normal clutch. When you rev the bike in neutral and you're pulling back on the lever ever so slightly the lever will come in slightly, I think that's the "free play gain"? Don't have the directions in front of me, but Rekluse website should have how to set up the clutch here -


Not sure if any of that was what you're asking for?

Bingo - Mine ended up being about a "dimes width" slack (maybe 3-5 mm) and it works perfect.

Thanks for the help.

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