One of those days!

Man, yesterday was one of those days that you live for! The ones where everything goes your way.

I woke up early for my saturday ride, went to the garage totally stoked because my 426 just got new suspenders front & rear and a Thunder Alley pipe. I just couldn't wait to get out to the track. I went picked up my buddy and after he got done drooling over my pipe (exhaust pipe that is!) we got in my ride and we where off to the track! 45 minuets or so of great conversation and we where there! Got suited up in my fresh new Troy Lee gear and fired up the beast. Just Then I noticed that a guy I always race with was there on a new CF450F!!! Damn! he always beats me too! Took a few warm up laps and I was feeling great. Bike was rippn',I was rippin',suspenders where rippin', Thunder Alley was RIPPIN!. Weather was sweet, sun was smiling. I beat the guy on the CR450F for the first time ever!! I blamed it on the Honda, but he said I was on fire that day! Then as if it wasn't goodenough, I pulled my first Nac Nac! This was one of the times where you smile for hours on end and thank your stars you are able to ride and enjoy life to the fullest. more thing, I ordered a hamburger on the way home and forgot to tell them to hold the tomatoes. I got my hamburger and they forgot the tomatoes!! Man, I need this!!!!!


I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but, you forgot to parley your good fortune with a quick trip to Tahoe didn't you! I'll bet you'd be sittin on 5-10-15 or 20 grand right now. For the love of Pete man, you were drunk with the taste of revenge and all hopped up on the adrenaline of the deadly Thunder Alley roar (that pipe is sweeeeeeeeeet isn't it). Come to think of it, 20 g's wouldn't crank me up as much as spanking a CRF450! Priceless! (I've got nothing against the CRF it's just my competitive juices flowing after having "stayed" with Bubba Stewart for half a lap on Sunday).

Bask in your glory, you just rode the "perfect wave".

I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me Thumpy. The day before this, I was up in Tahoe rippin' fresh powder all day long! Came home, and got a hot oil massage from my girlfriend!!!! Damn! What a weekend

Anxiously awaiting another,

Chris :)

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