Regular or Synthetic oil what do u use?

What oil do u use in your 4stroke? What viscosity and how often do u change it?


Rotella T

Can't get that here just rotella dd

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Yes I'm serious I heard of guys using semi synthetic diesel oil

Regular rotella 15w40 white jug.

(Frequency)Same as owners manual says.

I use motul full synthetic or kawi full synthetic love both

Semi syn Motul 5100 best oil!!!

Motorex 10w-40 full synth. Every 5 hours (Y)

Don't tell everyone about the diesel oils! It's a secret!   :thumbsup:


Penrite HPR Diesel 15W-50 or Caltex Delo 400 15W-40. Both are good. 

Delo is a premium mineral and Penrite is a semi -synth. Buy a 20L drum. 

You can run this stuff in everything you own. 

Mobil super 3000, full synth. 5W-40.


It's the only oil that helped my 610 find the neutral!  :prof: 

Yer sometimes my 510 doesn't like find neutral

Try penrite hpr5 full syn then next try the not so secret penrite diesel which on the bottle say it's ok lol but doesn't say ok for wet clutch like the hpr5 does

Motorex Cross Power 10W-50 or 10W-60

Motul 300V Factory Line Off Road 15W-60


All oils are full synthetic! 

pork loin drippins' from the grill catch can.

Motul full syn.

  Now using shell rotella 15w40 - switching to Shell rotella t6 synthetic 5w40....



Spectro Off Road Semi-Synthetic 20-50.   $13 a liter but I can afford it.....for now...

The Motul 7100 4T 10w60 is the best IMHO

 runa  dino oil on  break in,  then  a  synth. as long  as it  is spec'd  for  motorcycle  use,  it is good. rotella  is  fantastic,   but  so  are  a  good  number  of oils  today.  castrol,  agip,  Redline.  amzoil,   belay,  motorex,  motul

 expensive boutique oil with clever marketing and big banners at the race track,  motor won't last any longer..but it's nice to think baby got the best

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