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Muffler Repair / Cleaning / Replacement.

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Hey Guys,

Im restoring an 84 xt250T DOHC. This bike has most defiantly seen better day. Post rebuild it was blowing lots of oil out the exhaust valves, into the headers and I'm guessing into the muffler.

The engine has now been rebuilt, headers cleaned etc however I'm a bit concerned about the oil build up in the muffler. There are a few holes in the muffler and when i look through these holes i can see plenty of what appears to be old black oil deposits. 


Is this a concern? is there a way i can clean out the muffler? or do i just run the bike and burn it out? I can repair the rust damage / holes quite easily so i don't want to have to replace the muffler?


Has anyone got any recommendation on aftermarket muffler that wont require re-jetting the carby perhaps? 


Any thought or advice?





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If the muffler is that bad you can see through the holes, it's gone man, let it go. Either find a replacement ot take it to a sheet metal shop and ask them to use it to build another.

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