XT600 Dual Carb Tuning

Hi All, back again and this time XT600 mounted.


I've got to pull the motor apart over the winter as it seems to be burning more oil than petrol.  The thing it, if I'm in there I know the cam will be on it's way out and it's going to require a re-bore.  So, what are the options for a Stage 1 cam, over bore and compression hike?  Finally, is there anything else I should be doing to the motor?




I think Webcams makes a cam for it, don't go above the "stage 1" or just above stock levels or heavier springs will be needed. For pistons a Wiseco 10.5:1 is plenty,higher compression will be a hassle with gas. The biggest, I mean BIGGEST, improvement to the performance of this bike is carb upgrade to Keihin dual carb kit, even a set of Raptor carbs make it run better. 


Make sure the oil pump has 3AJ molded in the casting, if it doesn't get one off ebay, it is a much higher volume pump. Your motor will appreciate it.

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