Craiglist find - prospective first time WR250R owner


What do you guys think of the price? It does seem a little high to me, but it looks like it has pretty much all of the standard protection stuff and some wolfman luggage.


I already sent an e-mail with a good chunk of questions? Anything I should be asking about or looking for specifically? I am out of country at the moment, but my wife is local and luckily a rider also with at least some mechanical sense. I did ask about the fuel pump that I have heard so much about on the 2008 models.


Any other thoughts?

I've seen that NADA and KBB both agree that the bike is worth around $3k. Bike has a pretty good $ worth of mods that I would do and the luggage could be worth something. He hasn't gotten back to me with the model yet. I will obviously try to negotiate down, just wondering what TT thinks of the asking price.

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