Rooster rad guards - steel frame WRF

I picked up a set of Rooster Performance rad guards from a guy that had them on an '02 WR250f.  I assumed they would fit my '01, however they either don't or I'm not grasping how to install them.  There's no frame mounting point for where the rear rad mount lines up.  The seller doesn't recall on his as he no longer has the bike.  Any ideas?  Is there a difference on the frame between the '01 and '02?  


Here they are on my '01.

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Is it possible that the one in the picture isn't a right side one, but is supposed to be a left side one installed upside down? There should be no frame difference between an '01 & an '02

I can't figure any other orientation that they would fit.  Nothing else even comes close.


Wish I could find some pics or instructions online.  

Is it possible that he actually owned an '03? Because if memory serves me correctly, the tank mount location on the '03 WR/YZ was roughly located where your radiator guard mount looks to be.

He said '02 but that would certainly make a lot more sense if there is a difference as of '03.  He certainly wouldn't be the first person to be off a year on what model they actually own.  


Thinking about cutting them and welding to fit.  

Can you ask him if his bike was e-start or kick only? That would tell you which bike he had. Those are nice guards, so I wouldn't blame you in trying to make them fit somehow.

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