question about oil pump gear

Heyy TTer's. I recently purchased a used non working 07 kx250f...long story blew a head gasket and leaked coolant into the bottom end..water pump seal was good and oil seal behind the wTer pump gear...crank had no up and down play and about 1\16 play side to side..put a new top end new gaskets, coolant held this time, new plug, carb cleaned and float valve inspected. Then I checked the clearance which were still In spec....

after grtting I back together I could not get it to fire..there was spark, compression was enough to fire and if there were a leak it would just run poorly. I even put a tiny bit of gas into the spark plug hole..still no fire not even a backfire...

So no I have the right side cover off and removed the clutch assembly..but upon further inspection I noticed that the primary gear, kick start gear and I believe the idler gear (the one next to th kickstart gear and mates wth the clutch basket gear all spin freely..however I noticed another gear that is also mated with basket which spins the oil scavenge pump gear does not spin as after putting the basket on and linning everything up, i noticed that spinning the basket had a few spots that would hang and up..i also noticed it was harder to move the rod through its stroke...

my question is if the the gear that mates w/ the basket and oil pump gear suppsed to be hard to turn by hand.? Because it is makingbthe basket and primary gear to turn...I will be opening my 2010 to compare..but wouod like some opiniom before I tear it open

Ok so i found out that the oil pump assembly has seized up a bit...i looked into my 2010 and noticed that the assembly spun freely just like both kick starter gears and the primary gear..Has anyone else had a problem with the oil pump assembly..could that be a reason why I can't fire up the bike..any opinions?


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