Not the typical "hard to start" Topic. HELP

So I recently bought a 2005 crf250r and I've had a few good rides this year and was hoping to have a few more. So I Started her up the other day, and it randomly stalled and the kick starter didn't want to move.. Every ten HARD kicks or so, it would kick over easy, but immediately felt like it was pressurized again. I saw something kind of similar on here last night so I created a profile last night and read that somebody said they just clicked ttheirs into 5th and moved it back and forth a bit and it went away. So I tried putting in fifth and rolling it back and forth a bit. Put it in neutral and got it to start finally.. stalled again. Started it right back up, let it idle for a minute and tried to go down the road. It felt funny shifting and almost bogged out a couple times,then stalled going down hill in 3rd. Tried to kick it over and the kick start wouldnt move. So I had to push it all the way up the hill... I'm trying to avoid posting a broken bike for sale due to my frustration, this bike is my only peace of mind most if the time.. someone PLEASE help. I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to working on dirt bikes,but I am somewhat mechanically inclined.

I have an 08 250r and have been on this forum for a while and havnt heard of that before but yeah. Usually the method of putting it in 5th and rocking it back and forth is used to free a stuck or siezed crank so that's an idea that there might be something wrong with ur crank. But don't take my word I'm not a Mechanic.

So it's probably a more serious issue than I would have hoped huh? Shoot.

What would I do for a seized crank, could I have seized my whole motor?

Bump I really need help guys!

It sounds like you seized the big end rod bearing on your crank, the symptoms will be exactly what you described.


New crank and gaskets approximately $300.

New piston and rings $120

Might need valves


+ labor

What would I do for a seized crank, could I have seized my whole motor?


Usually when the crank fails, it either sends the rod out of the engine, destroying everything, or it just locks up with minimal damage.


It sounds like you got lucky and it is the latter.

also another note about the way it was acting, the shifter started to not shift very well at all, i was trying to do the 5th gear thing again, and it wouldnt let me change gears almost at all, i was lucky to click it to first and back to second but it wasnt letting me go anywhere else. is that typical for the seized crank theory?

Yes that is normal.

What causes a crank to seize?

What causes a crank to seize?


A crank seizes when it is worn out.



Cranks get worn out due to:


-general wear/age of bike

-high rpm

-excessive lugging


-poor maintenance

-poor design


Did you buy this bike from a racer?

No the guy said it was never raced. But who knows lol.

No the guy said it was never raced. But who knows lol.


Yeah hard to tell sometimes. Anything can go wrong on an 8 year old bike

I'm thinking about looking at the crank when I get home from work. How do I do that and what would I look for lol

In order, remove:

Carb boot (loosen subframe and hose clamp on engine and slide carb back)

Coolant hose to cylinder (single bolt on cylinder)

Head bracket

Valve cover

Cam tensioner

Cam caps


Head bolts


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