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Need an S7 nozzle for 2001 CR250 Mikuni TMX carb?

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Just a heads up for Mikuni TMX owners......


The 2001 CR250 (and 2002-2003) with the Mikuni TMX carb runs extremely rich from the factory. Most people have a hell of a time trying to jet this carb with mixed results. Leaning the nozzle from the facory S9 to an S7 solves most peoples jetting problems and allows the bike to run MUCH better.


The problem is that the S7 nozzle is hard to find. Honda does not sell it, only the S9. Yamaha sells the S7 for the 1996-1998 YZ125 but they have discontinued the part! The S6 and S8 nozzles are still available in small quantities.


There is a seller on eBay that has 5 of the S7 nozzles if anyone has been looking for one. Retail price from a Yamaha dealer is 17.xx so 22 dollars shipped from eBay isnt too bad.....



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