Fork conversion, what you think and need numbers

I need the forks on my 2011 rmz450 revalved.  but it happens I was doing a project at home and have a set of 2007 YZ250F SSS forks that have been rebuilt, revalved, and have huck valve installed. Now from what i've read they are the same length.  Anybody happen to know if this conversion would work? 

Won't fit in clamps and would need yzf caliper and front wheel. Otherwise,you got some fabbing. So..yes they can work just depends how much time,money and skill you got. If you fab the Rmz stuff to the forks,will need wheel spacers,caliper bracket,bore or shim clamps. have to match the offset. The yzf forks are about 2mm forward compared to shows.

I would probably fab Rmz stuff, would be concerned about brakes. I can work with triple clamp and wheel spacers.

What do you mean 2mm forward? If I fab the Rmz clamps won't offset be same?

Go to the suspension forum , mog did this exact conversion on a rmz250

I tried to message him lol wouldn't go thru

I guess my inbox was full ? Its a pain , I used a 20mm offset yz clamps , RMz stem , yz brake caliper hanger , modded wheel spacers , homemade plate to mount the mudguard , I have the wheel spacer and homemade bracket for mudguard if you want , also you have to bore out the brake side axle lug 2mm , in the end they felt no better than my 10 RMS forks honestly

Ok thanks for info. If you want I'll buy the brackets just in case I do it. Pm me on how much you want for the brackets, also the triple clamps you had to go aftermarket? Really doesn't seem like a pain, I mean to save $1000. I'm more worried about the caliper I have galfer rotor in front so have to check to see if it's oversize, if it's oversize then I need different caliper bracket. But I'll take yours in case.

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I only have the bracket for the triple clamp and the wheel spacer , all the other stuff went , I used scar triple clamps and had to modify the rmz clamps to go into the scar top clamp , why will it save you 1000$ ? What's happened to your std forks ? Pm me your address and I will post the bracket and spacer you just pay postage please

My yz250 forks were rebuilt and revolved with huck valve from my tech. I need the Rmz forks done cause they are super harsh so will cost me another $1000 for those.

You confused me you said you used scar clamps but had to modify Rmz clamps. Did you use scar yz250f clamps or Rmz clamps?

Scar clamps with rmz bar mounts

The scar yz (2005) mine were didn't come with any bar mounts

Ahh gotcha I'll just get yz bar mounts for big bars.

Ok I did some measuring now that i'm home.  Seems easier than I thought here is what i've got for numbers.  YZ forks 56mm top and 59mm bottom.  RMZ forks 55mm top and 59mm bottom so Just have to bore the RMZ triple clamp top about 1mm.  I got MOG to send me the spacers so all I should need is YZ caliper bracket.  Now Just need to see what you mean by 2mm forward.  Ok so by using the RMZ stuff with the YZ forks now my RMZ would be taken from a 21.5mm to a 23.5mm, is that what you mean?

pretty much. I am positive the axle/lugs on a kyb sss fork are 2mm forward vs a 06-up showas

An RMZ with Yamaha forks sounds really really good to me...Whats the dilly Mog?

I'm just verifying everything, it doesn't seem too bad of a deal plus my dad is a welder and works at a machine shop.  I might even think about filling the steering stem holes or drilling bigger and making an offset insert, kind of like attackperformance ones.  But even with the 2mm offset it should be fine, would actually add high speed stability, but take away a lil from the legendary conering.

Mike I honestly could not feel any real advantage of the kyb over my reworked showa , maybe back to back I could have , and against std I would , it was a expensive, time consuming disappointment in the end



Mike I honestly could not feel any real advantage of the kyb over my reworked showa , maybe back to back I could have , and against std I would , it was a expensive, time consuming disappointment in the end

This is so good to know. I have been dreaming of having my sss supension on my RMZ for years. Now, I will just save the aggravation and try to find a decent suspension guru! THANKS TO YOU HUCK!

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