'13 Chain Slider

Im in need of a new chain slider since my chain stretched a lot and burned through it  :banghead: and I went to the dealers and nobody has them, searched rocky mountain and they only have up to 2012. I know honda made a new swing arm for the 13's but will a 2012 chain slider work? or do I have to pay the extra money and get a tm design one. 

TM Design Works just released them. They're expensive, but will last more than 4 times the oem. We just got a couple in. 

The TM Design works is a  must for the 09 - 12.

The TM chain sliders and chain guide at the rear are tough units, but because the material is much harder you will notice the sound of your chain a lot more as it slides thru. If you keep your chain adjusted properly you will get good life out of a stock unit and it is quieter.

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Guess I'll get the tm designs one, might as well get one thatll last longer.

I race a CRF450R 2013 and needed to replace the stock chain slider after 22 hours. Regularly check them before they start to carve your beautiful and expensive swingarm. Honda OEM sells for $50, but thats too much for an ordinary piece of plastic that wont last very long. UFO makes them also, you can get them at CRFs Only for $18. I dont know how long they last, but for this price you can buy a bunch.

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