The mounds. Worth a trip?

I can get to "the mounds orv park" in mt Morris. Is it worth taking dirt bikes there

Anybody been there recently?

Ive known people who have been who say its kinda blah. lol. I have never had much desire to go. But if you want to ride in jeans and workboots, constantly be worried about jeeps or other bigger vehicles then you around corners, etc, its probably right up your alley.


May not be a fair assessment because I haven't been, just the impression I got of the place from others!

Kinda what I've always heard as well. Heard weekdays during school aren't bad. Prolly just stick to some single track. Thanks

BTW, i have been to bundy hill, its another "open ride" area more near jackson, mi. Let's just say I wont be going back, lol. If you ever try that, make sure u have a HARD tire...nothing but pea gravel and gravel/rocks.

I went to the mounds in a truck and a quad,  it was a blast. There were alot of quads there, not to many bikes. lots of deep mud so might not be good for the bikes. Decent trails though. 

They have a nice scramble area for the bikes and quads, and quite a few trails worth checking out, and yes a lot of trucks.

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