lots of oil in air filter housing

I noticed a leak in the the rear and thought it was the axle. When I finally cleaned it up. I could see it dripping out of the airbox. I took off the cover and about a 1/4 quart of oil came pouring out.

What would cause this much oil in the air box housing?

It could be coming from the crankcase vent which is possibly (likely) connected to your airbox

yeah I figured that much. I just didnt get what would cause that. I think it was the carb overflowing. It started leaking fuel about a week ago. I think it filled up the crankase.


Anyways I managed to break the plug clean off too.

compression blow-by into the crankcase would cause excessive pressure coming out of the vent, take the hose off of at the cases and let the quad idle and hold your hand over the hole. This could definitely be the problem, and piston rings would fix it. The carb leaking should have nothing to do with it, but that does mean your carb is dirty, where is it leaking from?


What do you mean by "the plug"?

Some engine have a pvc in there cranckcase to avoid pressure build up within the engine itself. Sometimes this valve gets clog and could cause some oil spill within the carb or in the filter box. Another thing that could be helpful to avoid the mess is to install a oil catch can.

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