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Devol lowering link!

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Well, I had it installed last week, and took it for a test ride, 50 km trail (31.25 miles).


Devol claims it lowers the back by 1.25", but it only lowers it 1", which is just fine. Raised the forks 1 cm, which is a little bit less than 1/2".

The bike came from standing at 37.7" to 36.25".


I have a 29" inseam, and still tippy toe the bike, but it feels SO MUCH BETTER now! I didn't feel or notice any changes in the steering and

cornering, but I have to say, I'm no racer, just a trail rider.


Happy camper here :thumbsup:


As a conclusion to many lowering issues posted and discussed extensively here at TT, I would have to say, lowering links and raising the forks

works, just as long as you don't intend on lowering the bike more than a couple of inches, and IF YOU DON'T RACE! ... then again,

that is just my opinion.


I thank all who have posted about the subject...they all helped me taking this decision.




BTW, the bike still looks sexy :cool:


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