Help Save NJ Enduros


DEP is trying to end NJ enduros and keep us out of the woods. Please call and email the contacts below and state how you are against this law. It only takes a minute!! Thanks in advance!


PS You need include your name, town, and phone number in the email to counted. 


NJ DEP Commissioner Bob Martin phone (609) 292-2885




Letter being mailed out:

In April 2013, the New Jersey Park Service approved a plan to limit enduro clubs to pre-approved routes for their permitted dirt-bike racing events held on state land. These routes consist of plowed firebreaks, unimproved sand roads and improved roads. The State Park Service created this plan to deal with the costly management of recreation permits, limit damage to natural resources, and reduce the number of new trails created throughout state forests.


Thank you to all the people who made calls to the Governor's Office early this summer in support of this plan. Now New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) needs to hear from you.


Although the DEP agreed with this plan, enduro clubs are pushing back and asking them to reverse their decision. The DEP needs to hear from you - the other users of the state parks and forests. Tell them that you support limiting enduros to a sub-set of trails, so that the rest of the public can enjoy the state's natural resources.


Motorized recreation creates many problems in state forests such as spreading invasive species, disturbing wildlife, destroying wetlands, increasing soil erosion, destroying native plants, and it can interfere with the ability of other people to enjoy state parks and forests. It is time to limit this damage to our public resource.


Enduro Clubs still get to enjoy hundreds of miles of trails on public land under the new plan and can continue holding events on private land. This approach is a significant improvement over the last 30 years of costly, ineffective management. 





NJ DEP Commissioner Bob Martin phone (609) 292-2885



You can also contact your state Assemblyperson and Senator to share your support for the State Park Service plan. You can find your legislator email and phone number by visiting here.


For more information on this important issue check out the June/July issue of our newsletter here.


Thank you,

im in PA or else I would contact them.

You can still call and express your concern. Thanks!!

Ps this is the letter the DEP is sending and we are against it. We need as many to respond against the letter above. Thanks.

James, it seem odd that MC? are  the only ones posting on TT. Where are the other clubs?.We are all in this together!

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Hopefully others are reading and emailing and making calls.  Here is a link for AMA to the petition


Here is a link to AMA bulletin you can fill out as well:




James, it seem odd that MC? are  the only ones posting on TT. Where are the other clubs?.We are all in this together!

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