I am really hoping everyone has seen this

Winners Take All (1987) is a fantastic film and I wanted to share a great race scene from it.  Please tell me there are people out there that have seen it!?  For the younger crowd, go watch it!



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Never seen it, but I have to say, the depiction of the cross

country race is pretty awesome. They hit the nail on the head.

I used to watch this like once or twice a day when I was about 8-10. And as far as being younger, I was born in 87'

I can watch anything with dirt bikes in it so I'll give it a try, but honestly... that looked pretty bad. Looks like a cheesy version of RAD. Now, if you haven't seen "The Dirt Bike Kid".....

thanks for sharing! if you haven't seen CYCLES SOUTH.... its also top notch old school entertainment...

Seen all 3 movies mentioned.....used to watch them 2-3 times a week....being 7 in 1987 these dirt bike movies were it!

Funny thing is my mom says to me the other day...." You know i figured the whole dirt bike thing was just the kid in you, i never thought at 32 you would love them as much if not more then when you were a kid"

i laughed and said " well ma, i am still a kid at heart, but now i can afford my own toys"

That was.... bad! At the end of the clip, if no one ever climbed that hill before, why was there a road going to the top? Things that make you go...hmmm :thinking:

I have watched all of those movies. All great.

Life imitates art


Team Pink sure are a bunch of jerks.

I had one hell of a good time watching this. Now I know I have the chops to be an actor in a motorcycle movie!

Haha maybe in the 80s you did (no offense on your acting abilities)! I doubt they would use real motocross riders as the actors nowadays because they need someone like Channing Tatum to attract more of a crowd   :lame:

that soundtrack..... I can't get over it  :lol:

and the premise, reminds me of that south park episode ass-pen

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