Every been ticketed after being called in?

I have more of a question to you hooligans out there, can I get a ticket after being called in by an angry motorist, or at worst case scenario an off duty cop if I was never stopped??


A little backstory:

So I may or may not have been being a retard, there was a large wreck on a nearby freeway so it was shut down and the surface streets were completely flooded with traffic, plugging up everything. As I was coming to each stoplight I would pass cars on the shoulder to get to the front of the lines. I guess you could call it filtering. At one particular stoplight the vehicle I pulled in front of became infuriated (People apparently hate filtering here in WI), as I pulled away at a pretty good clip, this guy drove recklessly behind me and on the shoulder next to me. When he pulled up next to me he was holding up his phone and was signaling me to pull over.....I did....immediately, into a parking lot that I knew he couldn't make, when he went over the sidewalk following me in, I blasted a median into an adjacent parking lot in an attempt to shake this dude. This guy didn't want to give up chasing me over the median in his vehicle so I went up a small hill through some trees, through a yard and into a residential neighborhood where I finally lost this phsyco. I've ridden with some local motards and I feel by far I am one of the most reserved or "respecting of the laws". I know filtering is illegal here but when I do it, its only at stoplights and I am always going slowly and watching close for those &%$#@! that try and block you (in that case I usually take the curb just to piss them off).


Anyway, say this guy actually did call the police with my plate number, or was an off duty officer. Is it possible to be ticketed for something a motorist calls you in for or off duty officer sees without actually getting stopped? What would you have done?


Its amazing how many people try to block you from passing them at stop lights, even though I go very slowly, carefully and it doesn't even affect them at all they have a problem with someone else getting in front of them or something. It takes every bit of will power not to bash off a mirror when people do this to me. People may ask why I do it, there is so much road construction, the intersections are all tore up, and the way these guys have the lights working, its possible to get stuck at the same light for 3-5 cycles, or I can put up to the front, ease the congestion I would be causing and taking 10-15 mins out of a 30 min commute.

I have no idea. But that guy sounds like he is insane.

What what he have done if you robbed a Bank

This dude was either crazy or a cop, but in the neighborhood I was in that's all there is. Not too far from there last week a 19yr old kid was shot dead while just driving down the street in his car. I don't run from the police but if it doesn't have flashing lights, there's no way in hell I'm stopping especially in the sketchy neighborhoods. I don't know why but wheelies are just so much more fun in the ghettos.

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you have a single motorist complaint  ( unless it was a cop but I doubt that )  you don't have to pull over for some bonehead with a cell phone  good job !

unless it was a bunch of witnesses or a camera of you doing something wrong  I wouldn't think twice about what may show up in  the mail box  

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Well after the rest of my hooliganism today, I would be surprised if there was just one motorist complaint!

You're fine. Highly unlikely anything would come of it unless you are in a really small town.

if its like california the officer has on witness a traffic violation him self in oder to give you a ticket. however if it was a cop that saw you technically he could sign the ticket but u could argue that he wasnt in a marked vehicle there for it is against the law to give you a ticket. not to mention the way he chased after you is &%$#@!in stupid and could endanger more ppl than you ever were. Once again this is the law in Cali....

If the guy comes across as nuts as he sounds to the police they will dismiss anything the guy has to say.  They don't have time for crap like that. 

Well after the rest of my hooliganism today, I would be surprised if there was just one motorist complaint!

unless it was witnessed by a cop  they would need to  try and prosecute with witnesses  for the charges I don't think it will happen


you may get a letter I know I have  but it was a scare tactic and I through it away

In NY they can. I had a state trooper show up at my door step to write me a ticket for something that supposedly had happened a week before. He said that a lady claimed I made her fall off her bicycle at an intersection (she had given him the license plate off of my truck). I asked how he could write me a ticket with no witnesses and he said it was at the cops discretion based on the woman's statement. I asked what about my statement (since he hadn't even asked me for any story or anything) and he said it didn't matter, he was just here to give me the ticket.


After I got the ticket she immediately tried to sue me, which was dropped. My lawyer told me that she had begged the police to give me a ticket because she couldn't sue without a ticket being issued. Once the judge dropped the ticket there was no case against me. She then tried to sue the insurance company that my streetbike is under (I have separate insurance companies for my truck and motorcycle), but they rejected it. There are some crazy people out there.

think that cop twisted the rules a little ??

What I wonder most is even if I was on camera and say it was a cop, how could they ticket me without actually getting my drivers license? What if it wasn't actually me driving the bike? I grew up in a small town and got chased by the police chief who was off duty in his personal car, (again thought it was a crazy dude) when I was probably 16 for being a hooligan, after I ditched him, they tracked me down to my girlfriends house a few hours later (don't ask me how). He told me straight up he couldn't give me a ticket but he knew it was me and if he ever caught me doing something wrong again he'd hang me out to dry!

sounds like you pissed off a motorist, #1,  Dont be an ass on the road, yeah you are high and mighty on a bike, but dont be an ass. 


here in colorado you can claim he was trying to ram you with his car (which it sounds like is the case) and that would excuse you from a lot of stuff... HOWEVER, you probably would have needed to call the police as soon as you got to a safe place. 


but I am just some dude on  the internet... so yeah, grains of salt or some such. 

Lane sharing is legal in California. One of the few things this state got right!


As a former officer I can tell you what I know based on California vehicle and penal codes.


Based on the Vehicle Code only a vehicle with a forward facing RED LIGHT may effect a stop. Then department policy kicks in such as, plain clothed officers must present their badge and identification if asked, etc. There have been too many cases of people being stopped and abducted by someone impersonating an officer.


#1 what you did was an infraction which has to be witnessed by an officer. Citizens can not be a witness to an infraction, it must be observed by an officer of the state. Even if the infraction is witnessed by an off duty officer, an on duty officer would write the citation. Both the witnessing officer and citing officer would sign it. Both would have to appear in court.


#2 only misdemeanors and felonies can be witnessed by a citizen using an officer to effect the arrest. A misdemeanor has a time penalty, for instance, the crime has to be within a reasonable amount of time from the effect of the arrest (say 20min.) A felony arrest can be effected by anyone with an officer taking the suspect into physical custody. A felony can be witnessed one day and an arrest made on another day.


At least that's what I remember from the Police Academy and it's been a few years and I wasn't an officer for very long. I hated taking people to jail.

This is one of the reasons i dont want to move out of state. I skip so much crap by splitting lanes. Less people to have to wait for. Less chances of getting run over because im out on the road for less time. Maybe traffic will be better somewhere else though...

You should have taken down his tag and called the police on him....

Did you have a helmet on? If so, there is no way to identify you as the person on the bike. So they have no proof. I will share a link that can help sum that up. It is a great way to get out of those picture speeding tickets also. Don't ever incriminate yourself. If a cop calls or shows up, don't talk to them.

 I skip so much crap by splitting lanes. Less people to have to wait for. Less chances of getting run over because im out on the road for less time.

Yeah, if I wanted to spend all day getting frustrated in traffic, I would have drove the car :lol:

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