Suzuki parts for '78 & '79

 Hey Suzuki fanatics....I'm looking at Suzuki  RM parts, mostly on ebay for late '70's parts and almost all the vendors differentiate between '78, '79 and '78 1/2.   Was there some kind of model break or update that started with '78 or '79?  I don't see that differentiation in any other parts lists so I don't understand the vendors specifying that.   Does anyone know what special thing happened in '78 1/2?

C2 had the aluminum swingarm and longer forks is all I know.

So the C2 would be starting in what year?


78.5 (C2) had alum swingarm, longer forks, plastic tank. Much sought after compared to standard 78 model. 79 model was different than the C2 as well.

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OK, I'll buy all that but when you go to buy parts for that bike, or look in a parts list, do you specify it's a '78 or '79?  Books don't list a 78 1/2.

I beleive motor parts are the same, suspension stuff is different. I would only deal with those who know theres a half year model, like Vintage Suzuki

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