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did i put this together right?

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2013 yzf250 fcr 39mm



taken from another TT post


"You just need the proper jets and adapter. I think this is everything you need:

Sudco parts needed-
1)021-216 FCR adapter 2-3/8 carb to S air boot $40.95
2)021-439 o-ring for adapter $3.86
3)017-262 EMN needle $8.55

suzuki oem parts needed-
1)'E' Intake Manifold: Suzuki p/n 13111-29F00, Pipe,Intake $11.39
2)'E' Manifold Clamp: Suzuki p/n 09402-58208, Clamp $2.91
3)vacuum port nipple to retain S petcock Suzuki p/n 13685-29F00 Union,Intake Port $6.20"



would this work?

+ the jets?

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Lol, I was looking at one of these the other day, I'd just hate to spend the money on something that might not fit just right or be inferior to a fcr/Mx for some reason. I don't know anything about the compatibility or differences though.

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thats why i was asking, i seen ppl do it on here reading posts from years back, but wanted to see if any active user on TT has done it

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