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ANOTHER XR250 starting problem

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Greetings everyone.


I have yet another starting question!  I've had my 2004 XR 250 for almost 2 years now and up until a month or so ago it has always fired up by atleast the 3rd kick.  I'm very picky about maintenance and am always sure to keep on the oil/filter/plug/valves.  I also run a high quality inline fuel filter, keep the tank filled with fresh gas with a splash of StarTron to battle the evil ethanol here in the US.


Recently the bike has been a bear to start.  It sat for maybe three weeks and I went to prepare for a riding trip. I actually deemed it UNstartable at first.  I kicked it off and on for about hour, ensuring that I wasn't completely flooding it, then proceeded to try to bump start it down a hill.  No luck.  Then I got impatient and grabbed the starting fluid.  Fired up first kick.  This disappointment led me to check my valves, as I haven't done them since spring.  I found the intakes to be a hair on the tight side (don't they typically get loose, not tight??).  After the valves I checked and cleaned plug and some connections and then went riding the following day.  Took about 5-10 kicks on that following cool morning to start at first then first kick all day while the bike was hot/warm.


A week later I go to fire her up and it seems as if I'm back to where I started.  A quick shot of starting fluid and it fires right up and then is fine warm.


What could be going on here?  The only thing I can think of that I haven't investigated or cleaned is the carb but I can't imagine it needing cleaned already (had it apart in January)  considering I always run a clean UNI, a fuel filter, and I'm  keeping fresh fuel and StarTron in it??  I'm going to take if off tomorrow and clean it any way, but what could I be missing?


All thoughts very much appreciated (mostly by my kicking leg!!)

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Cleaned the carb this morning and BOOM.  Problem solved.  Must have been something in there even with all of my preventative measures.


I will say that that ethanol is evil.  Even with regular gasoline treatment, I could still see small water droplets in the fuel that remained in the bowl during disassembly. 


Thanks for viewings, and hopefully someone can learn something from my experiences. 


Back to 2-3 kick cold starts :thumbsup:

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