Fmf power pipe and silencer

Just wondering if any of you guys out there have a newer model yz250, with a fmf fatty and shorty silencer, I've got a new 2013 yz250 and just bought the fmf combo, if so have you guys had to rejet or change a few jetting settings from stock jetting, maybe go abit leaner on jetting up clip position and 1 size smaller on the pilot, just wondering what you guys have done to fine tune this bike and pipe together, I'm at sea level, 25-38C, stock jetting and factory set air screw

How are you liking this set up so far?  Next time I have some extra money that is the same combo I am purchasing.  I posted a topic earlier asking the same question and some replies said they left the jetting the same.  The MXA article I read said you may have to bump the main to a 180 or 182.


Keep me updated on how you like the pipe and what changes you make.  Money is tight for me right now so it might a longer than I thought before I can buy the combo.

I sure will mate, I havnt yet received it in the mail, I live in Australia and purchased the combo off btosports for about 340 bucks for silencer and header pipe, hopefully here within the next week.

Oh cool.  Yeah I think you made a good choice.  From all of the dyno test I've seen and reviews I have read it seems to be one of the best all around pipe/silencer combos. 

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