Frame and engine case touch up paint?

Anyone know where I can find touch up paint for my 2012 klx 110? I have a few scratches I want to paint over.

Powdercoat or anodizing are the only things that will hold up...painting over it will peel off in no time. If you still want to go with paint, any automotive touch up (4 oz. bottle) should do the job...just go to your local auto store and find what looks closest, it is possible and very easy (if you know what you're doing) to make 2 paints look alike if they look somewhat the same.

I was just wondering about this myself as I am considering grinding off the upper chain guard brackets off the stock swingarm.  I was hoping Kawi provided matching rattle-can paint for their frame colors.




Check colorrite, they have all makes/models. The KLX110 only has green, but another bike may have the silver you're looking for.

Thanks 110trim for the answers.

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