Worst Accident on a Motorcycle?

Many years ago a VW pulled out in front of me --i was going the speed limit plus 5mph like always --no place to go either into oncoming traffic or a 4 foot cement drainage ditch-no time to stop-as the front wheel hit the door i jumped up--i remember saying twice to myself "this is going to hurt"--I do not remember landing but by the marks on  my helmet and the witnesses i hit the pavement on the back of my head-helmet saved my life most likely-dislocated my hip and broke my ankle--She had the ++ to come over to me and ask why i hit her car--M/c was a Honda 750--Totaled--if i could have gotten up i would have strangled her!---YOURS??? :ride: :ride: :jawdrop::rant: !

Bloody Hell

I was late for work and racing South down I-25 from Monument, CO to Colorado Springs on my new Virago. A dumba%$ who was apparently later for work than me was tailgating something fierce. I kept looking in my mirrors at her when I should have been looking where I was going but I was getting pissed off! I looked forward and said "Hey, a deer" about 1/2 a second before the deer T-boned me! I nearly pulled out of it but went in the center median before going down. I was probably going 70 when the deer hit me. I flipped through the grass and landed in the inside North bound lane. Anyone familiar with this stretch of road would know at morning rush that ain't no place to be! An alert driver stopped short of running me over and helped me back into the median. I broke an ankle, wrist, 3 fingers and dislocated a knee. My Virago had 173 miles on it at the time and never got any additional!

Well, wasnt a bad accident but a very bad encounter:


Riding out at El Mirage, if anyone knows this area in So Cal then YOU KNOW!!!!


Humming along on my Maico AW 250( yes, time warped!) between the pucker bushes at speed (its the desert for gods sake!), when out of a bush a jackrabbit darts full on into my front wheel! Not under it, INTO it!!

Well, if anyone has seen those tree shredders the cities use, my front tire was not as good as them! parts started flying everywhere!


I almost did a flying W over the bars but saved it and came to a stop, but my god, you want an awful mess? Rabbit everywhere in big and small pieces! Just the grossest cleanup to get back to camp! Picking rabbit parts out of spokes is really a tough job!


Then at camp, no one would come near me! I was segregated DOWNWIND and had to fend off the coyotes and everything else that wanted dinner that night!

I went over a big jump at a local track one time and a little pee came out ... Oh , I guess you're not talking about that kind of accident . Sorry :blush: 

Wait till your older and it happens more often :rant::lol::cry:

My first day jumping on a 91 XR250L.  Thankfully I walked away with just a bruized ego...


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