2007 ktm 450 xc-w bog issues

Ok just got the bike and bought the jd kit put it in set to all the specs its suppose to be and still have the same problems need help in a bad way thanks

Pilot- 42

Main- 170

Red needle 5 notch

O ring mod also

Have you actually checked the fuel squirt to make sure that it is strong, is one second or less, and just misses the carb slide as it is lifting up?  This is a critical issue here.  Under what conditions do you actually notice the bog?

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I havent checked that yet but the only time it bogs is when you wack the throttle real fast and it will bog so much it makes the motor die.

If you are nailing the throttle from idle, do not do it.


If it happens when riding normally, then as Chas said, check the AP squirt.

Lift up the subframe and verify the squirt.

If the bike sat for a while, the apump nozzle is probably corroded.

Ok got to check the squirt on the apump and its not hitting the slide when you work the throttle but it seems like its not squirting much out and i do have the little spacer on my diaphram that came with the kit would that cause it to not squirt much fuel out and ive cleaned everything thing on the carb a few times im gettin frustrated lol

You need to put in the correct diaphragm, spring, linkage spring, and leak jet, and then determine if the nozzle is clear or not.

You can spray brake cleaner (dont' use carb cleaner) up the angled passage below the nozzle to see if it's clear.



2005 CRF450R diaphram and spring

50 leak jet

Merge racing or Tokyo mods linkage spring, or, at least the o-ring around the linkage

Adjust the squirt to miss the slide just barely

Ok ive got everything that you said except for the leak i will get that and see if it solves my problem thanks

Oh and i forgot to say that the fuel that gets squirted out is not a really good stream either it barely squirts past where the slide comes in the center of the carb just a really weak stream compared to all other fcrs ive dealt with

No leak jet ?


I don't believe that the '07 RFS carb had a leak jet.

Ok so what would be my be next thing to takw a look at ?

You do not have a leak jet, most big bores do not.


Sounds like either the push rob is stiff (doubtful) of (probable) the check valve in the float bowl is stuck of the passageway to the AP nozzle is clogged.

Im thinkin my nozzle is clogged because its a really weak stream of gas so what would be the easiest way to get that nozzle out to check it

Can't take it out.

You need to hold your throttle wide open (pinch it there) and spray real carb cleaner up inside the passage to the nozzle..

Do it 3 or 4 times with a 10 min wait in between.

Don't get any carb cleaner inside the carb or the float bowl

You can also use a piece of fine wire, but you run the risk of changing the shape of the nozzle permanently.

Instead of wire, use monofiliment fishing line.


Some have used a syringe to 'pressure blast' out the AP passage through to the nozzle. Wear safety glasses/

Ok got it figured out my nozzle was clogged the bike must have sat for a while before i got the carb was awful green but thanks for all the help guys im ready to rip rip rip it up lol

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