2 stroke v 4 stroke

Hi all

I'm looking at upgrading my bike I have never owned a 2 stroke before i started on a crf250x then moved up to a wr450 I have found the wr450 easier (more forgiving on hills) but find very heavy in tight tracks so that's why I'm thinking 2 stroke but haven't ridden one, how are they on hill climbs compared to 4 strokes and have been told the ktm300 would have way up much power. I'm 5 4 and 170lb.  thanks all 

The 250 or 200 is other options

I have a 2001 KTM 300 EXC. its an awesome bike it the ultimate trail and hill climb machine i haven't gone up a hill that bike hasn't been able to handle. the only problem with the 300 is that on the track it can be a little too big. What i mean by that is u cant trully open up all the power it has where as the KTM 250 and 200 EXC's can. 

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