PW50 Complete Rear Brake (Pedal) Kit - How to Install?

Hi Folks -


I bought a "Complete rear brake kit" from to switch the rear brake to the right foot instead of the stock method of left hand lever.  I assumed this "kit" came with everything needed to install it.  All that was in the box was the actual foot lever which has the mount and cable attachment welded to it.  I have the pedal/foot lever installed but there seems to be a cable missing.  I tried to route the original rear brake cable over the motor to attache to the pedal but there is way too much slack.  I even tried to route it over the top tube of the frame thinking I would have to wedge the tank down over it.  Still, too much slack.  


The attached photo is all they show and there is no exact description of what comes with it.  I would call but they are closed for the weekend and I've emailed them in the past and it usually takes a week or so before any emails are answered.  


Has anyone else purchased this product?  If so, do you remember what all came in the kit?  Did I receive everything I was supposed to?  



Thanks for any tips -


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 12.11.43 AM.png

The PW80 kit uses a steel rod from the pedal to the rear brake. maybe your kit needs a rod as well?

I think it does.  If not a steel rod, at least a shorter cable with some kind of instructions.  The more I think about it, the more I feel like whoever pulled the stuff for my order, didn't pull all the stuff for this kit (including instructions and/or parts list).  

I put one on my sons PW50. The end of the cable is threaded and is bolted to the pedal. You may be able to move the cable clamp up the frame rail to take some of the slack out of the cable. I also had to bend the pedal to keep it away from the case. I also cut the tab that the cable goes through and redrilled the tab a bit more inboard. The long tab was hitting the frame rail and was interfering with the pedals travel. The kit is ok, but ours needed a bit of "Mcgeyvering" to work right. Hope the pics help! Sorry for all the dirt, I cant keep him off the bike. 




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