Is there any one out there sleeving old brake wheel hubs? If Not...

Would there be a interest if some one would do it?? The reason I ask is a Have (3) IT200 wheel hubs that need to be sleeved for the brakes to work. They are so far wore out you cant just turn them any more as they are wore 100% OUT!! You can get them turned but know of know one that sleeves them. I know some of the older bikes you dont really have a option on getting a new hub. I also know they would have to pinned so they do not turn as well. I Think Race tech turns drums and re-arch's the shoes but when they are so far gone you are kinda screwed that I know of. Any one have a alternative idea other than sleeveing??

There are places out there that can restore them, the process involves spraying on the new liner. Ive read about it in british vintage mags. Dont have any leads though. IT wheels pop up on ebay all the time for about $100 complete, prob thats cheapest way to go.

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