install question about carb vent BRP 7602

hey guys running this setup got a few questions please.  How hard is it to get the filter out to service it?  looks pretty tight in the pictures, any install tips?  It looks pretty good just worried about servicing it.

You just unscrew it, it splits in half, and the filter is right there.

I used to tip my bike over to both sides and allow a little gas to back flush it, when ever I had the subframe off I'd check it out always good

ok so can you service it without removing the subframe?  is there enough room?  Also if I use the single line filters which lines need to go up and which can stay down?

The vents go up (hoses near the top of the carb)

All others go down

Thanks the RC car filters fit nice, time will tell and I will run the vents up as soon as I get more hose.  Do you guys put and filter on the bigger hose coming from the engine crankcase?

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