Cranking noise while kicking, wont start!

I've had this bike for about three months and ran perfectly. Never had any problems starting the bike beside when It got really hot but no backfiring and plenty of power. Well one day I was riding and right out of a corner on the face of a jump it stalled on me like it ran out of gas but I had a full tank. I tried restarting the bike by kicking and wasn't getting anything so I tried to push start it and it just made like a bogging noise until the rear tire stopped spinning. Well any ways the bike has always made a weird noise while trying to kickstart, it sounds like its coming from the crank or under the stator. it's like a crank noise or like a bearing is failing or something like that, just sounds a little louder now that it wot start. I don't believe that's my only problem because I also removed the coil and sparkplug to see if I could find a spark and there is nothing even with a new plug.

Well it won't start and idk where to start with getting the bike running again since all the shops where I live are backed up about 5 weeks that's not an option. I have all the tools just lack the knowledge.

Any comments or advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I also check the valves regularly usually before every ride and they've never moved.

What year is the bike?  What has been done to it recently?


The noise could be anything, but at least one person had a bolt on the stator pick up come off.  Drain the oil and pull the stator cover.  That way you can inspect the stator to make sure nothing is loose.  A loose stator or pickup could explain your symptoms.


You can also use small telescoping magnet to see if you have metal fragments collecting at the bottom of the motor.  That would indicate a crank issue. Of course, absence of metal filings doesn't mean no crank issue.


Good for you for checking the valves.  Make sure the timing hasn't jumped and that the cam chain is tight.  


If all that checks out, pull the spark plug and kick it over to see if you can identify the source of the sound.


Obviously, you may end up having to take the cylinder off to evaluate the valves, cylinder, piston and crank, but it isn't hard to do.  If you don't have a manual, get one.  You can get a PDF on line that will let you print sections or view from a laptop in the shop.  


If you get into the motor I have to strongly advise you that following directions in a full service manual is very important if you don't want to spend more time and money fixing mistakes.  Over-torquing cam caps and not re-setting the chain tensioner are two common mistakes that will set you back, for example.


Other than that, you should be able to accomplish a lot on your own.  Lots of folks here willing to help you if you have questions.  Keep us posted.

It's a 2009 kx250f it has pro circuit cams, pro circuit exhaust Hinson clutch and I just do regular maintenance on it I haven't need to adjust valves, I know they've already been shimmed though. I'm sure they need to be now though just haven't had the time to look at them.

Could the timing being off cause no spark?

Could the timing being off cause no spark?

shouldn't. if the timing is off it will just fire at the wrong time, like at the bottom of the stroke, or on the wrong stroke all together

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