Ktm GRIPPER seat cover Selle dalla valle

Its a good question, some KTM dealers do offer them through the KTM parts catalog.

You can also buy direct from their web site.

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I have the same kind of cover made by attack i believe. Effective for surr

Thx for the answers!


I was looking for the exact same seat. All the dealers that I've asked only know about the standard cover, not the gripper...


Will send a email to SDV to ask them.

Looks like your wanting a selle dalla valle pleated seat cover.. I haven't seen those available anywhere in the US,

Yea, I haven't seen anyone with the gripper seat.

Though I run the Acerbis X-Seat and swear by it. I won't run anything else ever again, on any bike. Its hard as a rock, basically like riding without a seat. So it forces you to stay off the damn thing and focus on proper body position. Its helped my riding considerably and because its a single mold, it will never wear out. Seat covers always tear and fall apart, they also don't offer much grip, even the rubber ones. The X-Seat not only offers tuns of grip, but its impossible to wear it out because its one solid brick of rubber. I have 150hrs on one seat and 85 on the other (2 different bikes), both look brand new still. I've burned through 2 seats and 4 covers prior to switching and I now swear by these seat replacements.

Good to know Tie. Not a fan of hard seats.

I've found over Europe the factory seat cover SDV for 72euros... The curious thing is that in the US it's only 52usd.


I might go for the Flu Designs pleated seat cover.

Thx to Kevin for pointing the correct name.

I love the pleated cover , for one , it keeps me off the seat,secondly,it keeps me stuck to it when things get stupid.

I have a brand new acerbic seat if anyone wants to buy a seat good deal

mx boy - tried to send you a message but it didn't work.  what color is the seat?  how much are you asking?

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