Will 2013 plastics fit on 2001 yz250?

Can I put a complete set of 2013 plastics on 2001 yz250?


probably not, 2001 frame is different from the 2013 frame. Although maybe a member with more experience can correct me if im wrong

Can I put a complete set of 2013 plastics on 2001 yz250?



The short answer is no.


But, the front fender will bolt on with ease, the front number plate can be adapted to fit, and a 2002 & up fuel tank (and shrouds) can be made to fit with homemade brackets.


Thankfully the 2001 side panels and rear fender are good-looking designs. To make 2013 rear fender & side panels fit an '01 would be costly and require some pretty serious fabrication work. 

TTicon1.png search will uncover lots of info...

"2006-2008 Front Number Plate on 2000-2005 YZ250 How-to Post with Pics"


"96-01 YZ to Modern 02+ Gas Tank Conversion"


"96-01 to 02-up YZ Tank Conversion Information"


Thank you! Very helpful

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