Spark plug

Anyone have an issue with getting a spark plug to seal seems to bottom out but the crush washer doesn't seem to crush and engine has lost compression when kicking so I know its an issue with the plug ...I will be removing the tank tomorrow to get a better look ...any suggestions would be appreciated

You could try a copper indexing washer.

Explain about washer please

your basing the plug seal fail  off of the fact that when you kickstart it feels easier ?

Yes no compression... rode last Thursday with no issues

Murphy's law strikes again. ... went back to basics ...decided to keep it simple ... after checking things over and talking to a local dirt bike shop ...turns out I had a tight exhaust valve .... after a trip to the part store to get the only two feeler gauges I didn't own...the bike started after two kicks ....warmed up ...idled well ..runs well ....just a huge coincidence that this happened after replacing the plug

the amount of escaping air that would be needed to noticeably reduce compression during a kick start would need to be a removed spark plug  not just a bad seal


glad you got her going  nice problem solving

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