My New 2012 230, (W/Pics)

Been on the hunt for another TTR 230 for about 3 months now, I recently sold my 01 KX125 which was a project bike that came out better then new. I have been wanting another 230 since I got rid of my 05 a few years back but I wanted something as close to new as possible without the new price tag. I found just that, a 2012 that had been literally ridden 3 times briefly by its original owner and was absolute mint condition. This past Wednesday night I brought him twenty 100 dollar bills and brought her home. First ride I instantly knew, just like the 05 I had, factory jetting was a major issue, especially me being at ground sea level here on the coast of NC, the bike was really, really lean . I actually ordered the larger main and pilot jet at the beginning of the week because I just knew I would have me a bike this week, with that said, Last night I rejetted, I also shimmed the needle one clip position with a needle washer to help with throttle response. I did the one up from a 36 to a 38 on the pilot and also one up from the 125 to a 130 and with the clip also shimmed, I removed the snorkel from the air box, did not add any holes at all other then removing the snorkel, I also modified the inside of the exhaust tip as to leave the pipe appearing as though it were stock, this thing flat pours it on now, starts with not even a half revolution of the motor and pulls hard in all gears. These bikes just simply cannot be left in the stock jetting condition, it will destroy your motor. On first ride after getting the bike home, I rode for only a few minutes across my neighborhood and upon returning home, the motor was so hot you could have cooked a ribeye on it, proper air/fuel ratio does actually help keep cylinder temps where there supposed to be, I can't imagine some of these bikes for sale on Craigslist from back in 05 and 06 with the stock jetting fully restricted, they have to be on there last legs. I installed a set of new full size hi bars and new Fly grips which really made a nice difference in the saddle.  Without further adieu,... here's some pics.






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Very clean! I just picked up an 05 this weekend and will have to look into rejetting it now and removing the intake snorkel.

Thanks, congrats, they don't get the respect they deserve, they are  super fun bikes, definitely consider the re-jet, really makes a huge difference in the bikes fun factor. I just ordered some decals and a set of blue Cycra Stealth handguards for it today, hoping to go ride the local atv and dirt bike park this Saturday. The part numbers to give to your local Yamaha dealership to order the jets are,  288-14343-6500 for the 130 main jet and 43f-14342-19 for the 38 pilot. Stock jets are 36/125.


Very clean! I just picked up an 05 this weekend and will have to look into rejetting it now and removing the intake snorkel.

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That is so helpful! Thank you so much, I will put the order in today.


Your very welcome, It was around 18 or 20 dollars at my local dealership for the jets, they are the actual Yamaha part numbers, good luck, have fun and ride safe!!

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