Should I grade a 1984 xr250 for a 1990 rm125?

What do you guys think!


Both are really old bikes and a decision cannot be made here from 10,000 feet up.  the decision completely depends on the condition of the bikes and definitely NOT about which bike is inherently a better one when new 25-30 years ago.




need pics...

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379169061.921550.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379169071.594833.jpg

if it were me I`d go with the XR...

Both bikes are pretty old, but I guess it depends on how you feel like riding. That old XR will keep running forever. The RM would be a fun bike to rip around on. Does the RM belong to a friend who wants to trade? Maybe you guys could go for a ride a figure it out. :excuseme:

Xr is what I would choose.

Kept the Xr thanks for the input!

Good choice.

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