Never wet on dirtbikes and gear?

ive been looking at this new never wet paint and they have a normal paint and fabric paint. is this gona be the new thing? will it work for your bike so u never have to clean it and if its a muddy race your bike doesn't weigh 100 extra pounds from mud? can u spray you boots and gear and helmet and during a mud race come off the track and be 100% clean??? anyone have any opinions on this??? seems like a perfect idea

im not sold on the ability to repell sticky mud. The commercials make it seem more like a waterproofing product but im not sure it will do well with real mud conditions. but hey try it out and let us know. And im sure someone will bring up the issue of grip too.

I would be worried if you put it on grips and the seat they will get slippery?

Too bad it's crazy expensive.

Crazy expensive?


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Ya but look how it turns everything cloudy and whitish

I almost did it myself but the cloudy looks made me not want to

yea I hate the cloudy but maybe spray on the under side of fenders and skid plate??

 Ill try it at some point on



under fenders and rear mud flap

behind front and side number plates

inside frame spars

This guy seemed to at least initially have some luck, but after viewing other YouTube clips about never wet, it doesn't seem to be that durable. If this stuff doesn't hold up I wouldn't want to waste the time to pull fenders, clean them, spray them and put them back on when I could just blast them clean with a hose after every ride. I could see using this on goggles though...

Crazy expensive?


You think nineteen bucks is cheap!!!??????  Okay, yeah, this isn't the stuff I was thinking about.

Its expensive, I borrowed some from a friend and tried it first hand...will not hold up that great but does work at first then progressively gets worse. Plan on re-applying after every decent ride/wash for best results.

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