Showa A-Kit questions

Does anybody have any experience with the A-Kit? Obviously it needs to be setup for the rider. But, how much better is it than a good revalved stock setup? Is it night and day better? I have a chance to pick up a slightly used set for a Honda CRF250R.

These are cool and I wish I have the money to get one.  Basically these kits just have bigger parts that allow better tuning for the oil flow and has sweet coatings on the fork legs.  I would get it revalved through a place that has experience with this rare setup such as factory connection, rg3, mb1, pro circuit.  Make sure you get a pair of triple clamps as well as the forks are huge with the a kit.  Whats really cool is you can tune both high speed and low speed with clickers!   You can really fine tune these components as most stock stuff allow only low speed changes.    Transworld did a review on the a kit and pretty much said they love it.  linky


I wish i was in your position to get an a kit!  Make sure you get a proper revalve and if its used a rebuild is most likely needed as well and you should be set!

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all that and abag of chips. if you get the rg3 stuff make sure its A kit and not the diamond kit. in my opinion the diamond kit is a big waste of $$$. nothing special, just blinged out stock stuff

You can bore the stock clamps to accept the oversize kit forks, a lot of people prefer this because it has a little more flex than an aftermarket oversize clamp setup. Usually bored stock clamps better for moto, aftermarket better for SX (stiffer).

Thanks for the info guys. I would have FC revalve & rebuild for me. When I talked to Factory Connection Central a couple months ago about a new kit. They tried to discourage me about the A-Kit saying their team riders don't use it. They just revalve the stock components, that I'd be happy with that. I'm thinking they have some unobtainable parts inside. I would think so anyway.

I think it's a waste of money that could be better spent on gas and tires....

I would not buy a kit as its real stiff feeling

mog that's the valving. real A Kit stuff is amazing. u could hit things that u never thought u could and never feel it. truly amazing stuff. BUT, Id rather have 2 bikes than just one with A kit

hi , im riding a kit shock and is better for sure then stock shock modified .But if you are an intermediate rider you dont need an a kit .the feeling difference is not so big. 

Are you an A rider? Was it a big difference? Who set it up for you?

I think it's a waste of money that could be better spent on gas and tires....

I already have plent of both, but thanks for the advice.

They always feel firm no matter what valving or springs

fork feel firm cause are 49mm and not 47   , about shock use 18 rod then 16 but dont feel firm

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