2007 rmz450 excessive camchain slack following rebuild

Got this bike with motor in 5-boxes!  Bike was dissasembled by shop,  PO was quoted 4500 to fix.... must have died!!, So the shop put the motor in a "doggy bag" for take home LOL.   Believe it or not nothing was missing. I had to rebuild lt from the crank up and during final stages of assembly I noticed the cam chain is loose as hell.  About 1cm of slack with adjuster fulley extended!  Counted 124 pins (could it be the wrong chain--doubt it).  Backtracked to check chain guide installation, and that the chain was on crank sproket! Chain Guides do not appear excessively worn.   Any Ideas? no way IMO, can a chain be that stretched. so...aree the guides bent out of shape?   Did I do something wrong, or did the shop give me the wrong chain???


Please look at these pics. and yeah I know, why did you not replace the chain!!!  Becuase its easy to get too later and I want to ride and sell soon, but I do want it to be a good bike for someone.  Buying a chain and guides as a method of checking the old chain for wear/fit is not an option I really want to excersise at this point.  Thanks for looking guys!




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