1978 Kawasaki KL250 Carb Issue

Picked up an old '78 kl250 about a month ago that had been sitting in a guys garage for a couple years. Thanks to a lot of good threads on Thumper I was able to find out a good deal about some issues I was having getting this thing going. 


One little problem remains before I can get this bike out and about. For whatever reason when I throttle up the fuel is running straight through the carb and then running out to the ground via the overflow tube. A couple things i've already checked. 1. The float is actually floating   2. the needle isn't seized and seems to be working fine with the float when i take it apart. 





Thanks for an help guys. 



Some carburetors have a o-ring that seals the needle valves seat into the carburetor and it will allow fuel around to bypass the needle valve all together.  The needle could be worn and not sealing like your think.  They are cheap and easy to replace I would just do that to rule it out.   Also you may want to check out my 2 part video series on this very things.  You can find it on my website.

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Thanks thejunkman! It worked! Great site btw. 


Thanks thejunkman! It worked! Great site btw. 



Thanks, be sure to check it often as I am always making new videos about lots of different things (even agricultural type stuff)  Thanks for watching.



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Hi Ben,

Could you take a picture of your battery connections on the left side.

I just picked up this 78 KL250 and the wires are all cut and jury rigged,

I would like to get it back to stock.

I posted a thread today for it,



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