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I have a 2004 crf250r in the garage right now that a friend just picked up for cheap.. He brought it to me to go over\

to see what all if anything major was wrong.. It was a non running bike.. The PO told him it needed tuned up and had

a couple of thrust washers still in the factory Honda bags and said that was all it needed.. (They supposidly went on the shift shaft)

Bike wouldn't shift right,, I took it down and found that the shift Pawl was incorrectly installed.. Redone it and everythings peachy..

Bike shifts good thru all gears.. Now to the starting... I removed the carb, cleaned it very well, checked the compression,(135lbs) and \

also checked for spark.. All checked out... So I then checked the timing which seemed to be spot on.. So I then checked the Valve clearances.. They were all over the place.. The Exhaust Valves were something like .003 in and .004 in.. The right intake had a 0.00

clearance.. The left intake was at .003 in.. I checked the shims and replaced all of them which put everything back into spec except the right intake.. The smallest shim I had was a 1.20mm and it did give it about .002 in of clearance.. The bike fired up and ran just for a minute but died before I could get the fuel/air mixture set.. Will not fire for shit since.. My big question is, would the lack of clearance

on the intake valve be the major problem?? everything else checkeds out.. I mean come on.... Fuel,Spark,compression and air.. Its all there.. Just don't have a heap of knowledge about the valves and how exactly they play the role in getting the fuel and air right to fire..

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.. Im planning on replacing the one intake valve for him just because of the lack of clearance.. I haven't pulled the head yet so I don't know what it looks like,,

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

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