Pit bike won't start

I have just bought a pit bike a stomp 140cc was riding it earlier but slipped in the wet and the bike went on its side, I cut it out with the cut out switch now my bike won't start, help please

Make sure gas is getting into the carb and also make sure it has spark.

There is fuel going into carb from tank, wen take spark plug out and touch against exhaust can't seem to see a spark

Clean every last one of your connections, there is most likely a dirty connection somewhere.


Why do i think of Emo kids when I see a topic regarding pitbikes?

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Y bother commenting if you ent got owt gud say you useless prick


I have just purchased a new ht lead + coil

Y bother commenting if you ent got owt gud say you useless prick






As for buying the coil...Are you sure you checked all of the connections thoroughly

I'm pretty sure that I did yeah

Try disconnecting your kill switch. Also try touching the cyl. Head with spark plug when checking for spark, not the exhaust

I disconnected the kill switch, still nothing and tried touching every ware to see a spark but couldn't see one

It was running perfect only went on its Side for bout 10 seconds now won't start

If you are going to start replacing things, why not try a spark plug first?

Tried the spark plug, no difference

I would have bought a CDI before a coil, they tend to go before a coil would. If the coil doesn't fix your problem I would put money on the CDI being bad. Tbparts sells one for $45.

I was reading up online, that it could be the stator as when the chain slips off it can sometimes snap it, which that sends a signal to get a spark

Ah come to think of it I had the same problem on another ssr 110 but only laid it down for a sec so i didnt know what it was, magneto & stator is what made it start again. Esp if ur not getting spark very good chance its the stator. I think u found the answer yourself. & the CDI's on tbolt are great upgrades!

Testing Electrical Systems & components - TBolt USA Tech Database!

Testing seperate Electrical systems:

Make sure all electrical connections are tight and you have a solid ground from the engine to the frame.

Disconnect Kill button (will run/spark without it)

The coil is actually three parts 




all three screw together like a wood screw , clockwise

Make sure you have a good spark plug (Pit bikes take the same plug as CRF50 & KLX110) 

Testing seperate Electrical Components


  1. (Once you have the ignition cover off) Visual test:  Inspect  the coil bar , if you see any bulges or discoloration its likley worn out
  2. Voltage Meter will be set on AC for testing output

    The stator should have 80-100VAC (usually black/red)

  3. Set meter to OHMs

OPEN circuit or infinity OHMs is bad


  1. Set meter to OHMs

OPEN circuit or infinity OHMs is bad

Replaced the stator yesterday just got to put fly wheel on today and top up with oil, so will let u no if running

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