i WANT smart performance in sweden

how do i do to get my hands on those things

Isn't there a guy in England? RSS Here on tt

No you don't...

Smart Performance is very good what they do. However as the owner himself has said they suck as a business. I've been waiting for my order for over 6 months and I'm in Northern California.


bro, we can't even get smart performance in America, good luck.

It's not a business if customers can't buy your product.  It's more like a semi-commercial hobby suspension club. Good luck.


doesnt sound nice well i keep going with my vrs valves and try another shim settings ,i mean if you cant get it in america then its not a good chance for me getting my hands on those

I understand. You should probably call Dave (info is on the web) and ask him in reality what the time frame is for your order to ship. Just don't fall for the, "it will ship by next Friday" line. As I stated before the product that Smart Performance sells is really good. You just need to decide for yourself if you want to wait for it. As upset as I am about my order, I will probably still wait for it. Because it is that good!

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