Got a new Hero3 and the funniest thing happened

Hey all! New here! Well I'm a proud owner of a 2014 Honda CRF250L that I bought in July. Love the bike. Just bought a GoPro Hero 3 Black and while testing it out my exhaust snapped in half! The rear bolt fell out and the weight of the exhuast made it crack at the header. All is well now and actually thread locked this time! Still hasen't brought me down about what I think about the Honda brand considering it is my first one. Here's the video :) sounded cool after it fell off. Check all bolts for tightness regularly. Did you plastidip the plastics?

yup, I'll most certainly will be checking up on it more. Also, I love plasti dip! Whether on the bike or on the car...Great stuff!



Great looking plasti-dip! Where is that house? Beautiful wherever you are.

Just get that seat changed out to a black "seatconcepts" seat and you are in stealth mode!

Thanks! Yeah the dip has held up great so far with over 400 miles since its been applied. Had to do a minor touch up after the exhaust incident but that only took minutes to do. That seat concepts website looks pretty cool. Going to add that to my future mod list! That house is currently where I live at in the Poconos (PA).

you might wanna think about an after marked exhaust . . the stock one is so heavy  i think that you might need bolts from  nasa to hold it in place ..  and the plasti dip looks super bitchin . . ima do that too i think . .


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