2009 kx450f special setup

My bike is in the shop and my race is tomorrow. I was lent a 2009 kx450f but the owner is 250lbs and I'm 200lbs. He has race tech fork springs and shock according to his weight. I set the sag to almost 3.5" without my gear on; what should I set the the compression and rebound at the forks and shock? His present settings beat me up, I just need to get these last 2 motos done to end the season. I race in the 50+ class and the track tomorrow is medium to hard clay. Thanks for any input.

Your going to have to ride the springs. I would lighten up your compression considerably and adjust the fork rebound to get the bike to steer. Too much rebound it will tend to knife and not enough rebound will tend to blow out of the corner which is likely to be your issue as the spring is stiff and will pull the forks back up in the stroke after braking.

Might be good in the whoops?

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