WR450 No Key Alternative

Hey, I am currently looking to buy a trail bike here in Costa Rica as a commuter and countryside explorer (I realize my spine may take a beating on long rides - I am OK with that).  I went to the Yamaha dealer today and sat on the 2012 and 2014 WR450f.  They both felt great, much better than the Honda's.  But there is a big problem... No key, just a start button.  Its a cool idea, but leaving a brand new Yamaha 450f parked on the street in Costa Rica is not a very good idea.  80% of the motorcycles here are Chinese knockoffs, so Japanese and Euro bikes really stand out.  Plus as a 6'3" white American with buzzed hair, there are those that may be more inclined to target my bike (99% of the Ticos, as they are called, are extremely hospitable and kind.  I have only encountered a TINY minority with extreme nationalistic views.)  Parking at work would't be a problem since we have guards, but leaving it parked outside a mall, for instance, is not as secure, let alone parked outside a small restaurant on the street.


So, are there any aftermarket options to make a WR450f more secure?  Failing that, are there any other DIY options you can think of?  Any thoughts/ideas are helpful at this point since my other top options would be Euro bikes and have a higher repair and parts premium here.  Thanks everyone.

you can deffinitely put a key on your bike. Bunch of places sell them. Google "motorcycle key ignition". I put a key on my 2008. Wasnt bad.

Bikes are still pretty easy to hotwire, so you might also put a hidden kill switch on the bike.




I can't answer your specific question, but the Baja designs dual sport kit comes with a key switch. It works good from my point of view. The stock push power button is still utilized in their setup. I'm sure there are other options out there.

I'd actually like to install a hidden (somewhat) kill switch in addition to the key switch. Maybe someone will chime in and enlighten us.

A key switch will do nothing to stop a opportunistic thief.   All they have to do is push the bike away and spend 1 minute defeating your key switch in perfect safety.


A better solution in your environment may be to carry a padlock and put it in the brake rotor when you park the bike.  At least stealing it then will require some effort.

padlock  it keeps them from rolling away  or up a ramp   and is a great option   I always carry one even though I have an ignition lock


but being lifted  by a couple of dudes and  your  bikeless

Hundreds of threads on how to add a key.

Google search too for the same thing.

Thiefs take what they want, period.

Get a disc brake lock before getting a key.

My key switch to WR 450F, is connected to the supply voltage to the START button. I also have the steering lock.





I used this switch:


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Thanks everyone this is good to hear. I've realized you are all right, not hard for anyone commuted enough to steal less that 300 pounds of anything sitting on the street.

HaroldENG I really like your approach: a relatively well hidden key switch may buy a little time with an inexperienced thief. A steering lock is also something I'll look into. Between these things, a padlock, a vigilant eye and maybe some clever fender camouflage I think that's about as secure as it gets.

I'd just unplug the ECM and take it with me. Modify the side panel so that you have quick access to it. No way to hot wire it then. The only way to move it would be to carry it.

You should get the disc lock with the alarm.

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