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joe racer oil cooler

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But I resently bought a 04 KTM 525 bike with a joe racer oil cooler.

On inspection I noticed that the oil cooler never gets hot.

What I found was where the oil cooler taps into the oil circuit in the short filter houseing, is just empty.

There does not seem to be any oneway valves on the oil cooler adapter.

so I have even pressure in both pipes going up to the oil cooler, so it can never pump through.

So what I have is oil coming into the empty short filter chamber in one port  and 3 ports which it can exit with no restriction.

So  the oil has no reason to go up and into the oil cooler when it can take its original exit port.

This can't be correct.

Am I missing some parts which should be in the short oil filter chamber which would direct the oil into the cooler, or do I just not understand how this works.


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Wow thanks.

That makes alot more sense.

I dont have anything like that.

Can you tell me if that is a joe racer part , or is it from another manufacturer.

Thanks again for the info, its exactly what I needed to know.

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Hi ud_luz.

We were in contact a few months ago about problems with my joe rocket oil cooler.

I have contacted everyone I could find on the internet about a replacement adapter, but no luck. Do you know of anyone who sells them or even the dimensions so I can get one turned on a lathe.

Thanks pat.

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