Bike transport in qld!

Does any one drive a ute where having the tail gate down is necessary to fit your bike on, is this legal?


Always have tailgate down (Holden Rodeo 2002 Crew cab) as I drive from Wollongong to Goulburn and back . Police sit behind me, alongside me and have never bothered me. When pulled up getting a bite to eat ,we had the boys in blue parked right next to us and nothing was said. If it is held down securely its not a problem.

Cool as thanks mate

I have a navara and need the tailgate down aswell but in qld it is illegal if u can't see the number plate from a 45 degree angle up and left to right direction (so speed cameras can get ya).

Tho I have had police go past and not do anything but it would just depend on how much of a prick they want to be if they want to fine you or not. But I'm chancing it atm

You can buy tiny number plates from main roads which you could hang on your bike like the bicycle carriers on cars.

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