2t Hairline Crack in Pipe - Quick Fix?

Discovered an very small hairline crack on my yamaha 250 today while replacing a couple worn out components. Is there a decent quick fix so I can ride tomorrow? I have a friend who will tig weld it after I get back, but for the short term I need something. JB Weld or similar maybe?


Givin that I am pretty sure the crack has been present since I have had the bike running (only had it about a month, done about 3 rides on it) would a leak in the expansion pipe cause a rich or lean condition? Only reason I ask is the bike is jetted to rich for my elevation and runs richer than I would like.

I would say to just ride it for now and fix it after you ride. If you have ridden it for 3 months with it it should be fine for one more ride. But if you really want to fix it now, then if you clean and prep the pipe enough I'm sure jb weld should hold for a day.

If you JB Weld it, then your buddy that's going to weld it for you is stuck with cleaning all the JB Weld off. I'd just ride it as is tomorrow, then fix it right.

Depends where and why it cracked. If it is at a mount, stay home, if the chamaber simply split at a seam, you will probably be ok for a day. JB weld is a no-no.for a pipe

It has definitly been present for at least the last 2 rides, 1 was a 50mi ride gaining nearly 3000' of elevation and the last one was just a short ride for an hour or 2 around tahuya (not really any elev gain worth noting). The bike rides great aside from being noticeably rich up higher. I think ill just ride it for the day and repair it on the way home.


thanks all

My JB Weld fix lasted seven years. I cleaned the surface very well and applied a thin coat. Looked fine and never leaked.

My bike has pin holes in the pipe its been that way for a while. Can't find a pipe for it yet so it will have to do.

Is it in a place you can wrap a hose clamp around?

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