Top speed

I live in California and out here these bikes have a tons of restrictions on the emissions and so on , got the te 310r 2012 new yesterday and they said or the sales guy said it would do about 90 on the street to get to the dirt , shocked when I got it to 51 and the throttle only has a 1/4 turn , called they said its all the crap this state makes them put on it, can you guys point me in the right direction to fix the. thank you !

You mean 1/4 of throttle turn left it has throttle stop in if so as it new? Im not sure of difference in gearing on the 310s and the big bores but my big bore would just get 90 flat out.I know there in usa they don't come standard with PU kit like they do here or they never used too maybe it's changed.The PU kit included removing o2 sensor from header,arrow pipe,throttle stop as far a I know but not 100% sure because mine came already done

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